Busy for Me Too

The project I have been waiting to get going has seriously taken off in the past month, and I have been very busy, even doing work in the evenings (shocking). That’s part of the reason for not so many blog updates recently. Indeed, this update is spurred by the fact that I am flying off to Boston for the next three days, so I thought I had been put something down before being flung across the Atlantic and back in a cigar case. Boston is quite cold at the moment, in contrast to here, where it has been lovely and sunny. The trip is for a technical kick-off and to discuss the content of the product we are working on. I’m the project manager, so won’t have much to add to the technical discussions, just to worry about whether or not we’ll be able to manage to fit in all the grand plans the techies have. It’ll be a good chance to meet various people I have so far only spoken to on the phone.

With Ella’s more consistent bedtimes, it is usually the case that she goes to bed shortly after I get home at around quarter to or quarter past 7. Often it is me who gives her the last feed, and goes through the bedtime routine. Sometimes she is awake before I leave, so I get to say goodbye, which is nice, but not so pleasant to see her watching me go out the door.


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