Ella’s Progress

It’s been only a few weeks since my last update, but Ella has come along strides. Seems weird to think of her first teeth brushing or creeping now that such things are well established.

She still isn’t quite crawling forwards, but does go backwards quite easily (though not proper crawling). Her Gan-gan and Auntie Miri say they have seen her take a few steps forward but it is far from a regular occurrence. She is very active and does lots of bouncing when standing (supported, obviously) and loves to play with her toys (eating them, banging them together and what-not).

She was beginning to get frustrated in her pram, and was often being put in it sitting up, rather than lying down. Until one day, when my brother Hamish, and his wife, Christine, were here, I was putting Ella in the pram, and she was arching her back and yelling, so I decided now was the time to convert the pram into a pushchair. Hannah wanted a pram/pushchair combo so the first few months she could watch Ella while out and about, and then get some more years use as a pushchair. The process to convert it was moderately quick. Putting Ella in it wasn’t so easy. She now has to be strapped in, as she is sitting, and she didn’t like that. Quite a bit of screaming and pushing herself out. She still hasn’t quite settled into this habit, even now. She was a lot happier once she was outside and able to look around at what was going on.

She is making the full range of sounds, and occasionally strings various consonants together. There haven’t been any words yet, and the books say any words have no real attachment to meaning for a few months. I am sure we’ll all be thrilled when we hear a dada or mama.

Mostly she sleeps through the night. Often when she does wake it’s more traumatic than in the past, because there is something upsetting her: maybe her teeth, or like last night she was upset because the hall light wasn’t on. She is going to bed at a far more regular time, between 7 and 8, and more often close to 7. She usually wakes between 7 and 8, but sometimes sleeps on a bit longer, and this is a very respectable time to be waking her parents, which is nice.

All-in-all, she continues to be very happy and smiley and we’re very lucky she is as good as she is. It being Mothers’ Day today, Ella obviously wrote a very nice card for her Mummy, and gave her some nice smelly candles, and paid for a trip so Mummy could have some nice things done to her hair.


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