Hannah in the Past Month

A couple of weeks ago Hannah had a couple more sessions of laser surgery on her eyes. The second set was a big one, with more shots of laser than nearly everything that had gone before. Hannah says that her eyes recovered from that quite quickly, but we have to wait until she is back with the doctor to know if it has been successful or not. We know now that some of her sight won’t ever recover. There is some debate whether the deterioration during pregnancy was related to Hannah’s diabetes or would have happened anyway.

At the moment, alternative insulin therapies are being considered to help keep Hannah’s levels more constant. Although her long term sugar levels are not too bad, there is quite a variation in readings, which does cause a lot of bother in terms of side effects.

Nonetheless, she has been doing a lot of work for the health protection people and PHSE stuff in general. It’s still a few months before she is back in work, but she is quite busy. We have started to consider the old childcare when she is back at work, and we have to be thankful for Barbara, who’ll look after Ella some of the time. We’ll be visiting a couple of the local schools to see their nurseries before long.

She is loving being a mum, which is great, and you can really see that in how happy and content Ella is. The books say that lots of babies go through a phase of stranger aversion, but Ella hasn’t shown any signs of that, and I think a lot of that has to do with how trusting Ella is of her Mum. Long may it continue.


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