Visiting Time

Since our trip away to Bognor for Lucy’s birthday weekend, we’ve have a few visitors here. Hamish and Christine were here a couple of weekends ago, around the time of Hannah’s eye operations. It was the first time they had a chance to come and visit the new house, as Hamish runs his own company and Christine is a newly qualified doctor, so their free weekends don’t often coincide. Apparently they were thinking of going to Rome that weekend, so we were surprised they swapped that for Cowes.

They had great fun with Ella, and she loved seeing them. They also took in some of the Island, via the bus (very environmentally minded of them). Hamish particularly enjoyed our flash new telly and playing Fifa 08 on the PS3. He got rather too engrossed in that at times.

Actually, just after they left, the day after Hannah’s second operation, I took the day off, and the three of us had a lovely day out in Yarmouth, and we got some very cute pictures of Ella in a luminous pink hat.

For the past few days, Hannah’s little sister, Miriam has been here. She has just set a date for her wedding, which will be on the Island, so as well as spending quality time with Ella, she and Hannah have been scouting out wedding stuff, and there have been too many wedding discussions for my taste. She and Barbara took the opportunity to blitz Ella’s clothes drawers and I was rather surprised to find one of them nearly empty after they had cleared it out of items they felt were too small. It has to be said, on that front, that in the past few weeks we seemed to have bagged up more clothes that Ella has grown out of than I have had in my whole adult life! And still she seems to have drawers and drawers and hangers and hangers of clothes.

This being Mothers’ Day, Rachel came across yesterday (as Barbara and her partner, Brian are off on holiday today) and so Ella got to spend time with all of her maternal aunties. She did sleep for quite a bit of that time, though, looking very cute in her pushchair in the hotel where we were having lunch.

Coincidently, while I am away, my Mum, Clare, is coming to stay. So Miri leaves today, and Clare arrives tomorrow. This was planned a while ago, as Hannah has a few work engagements this week. I’ll be back before Mum leaves, so I’ll get to see her too.


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