Back in Blighty

After a successful three days in Boston, I returned home on Thursday morning. The flight back was not the best, as the captain kept the seat belt sign on the whole way, and I had an apologetic giant sat next to me. I have to at least compliment AA that the film choice was much better with the in-seat entertainment, but moan at them because the food was awful and one solitory croissant for breakfast is ripping the you know what.

Unfortunately Hannah was less than impressed with her over-sized mug as a present. I thought it was quite nice, and in the absence of anything decent at the airport, really all there was. She did like the chocolate frogs with cranberry sauce inside them. I got Ella a cuddly bear to add to her collection. Logan International really didn’t have any shops, the best being a poor man’s WH Smith. Raleigh-Durham airport was the same, when I was there on assigment back in 2003. Gerry, my second line manager, said that it was his experience that the Americans had, surprisingly, not copied the immense shopping precincts found at Heathrow and Gatwick.

It was very gratifying to see Ella give big smiles and jump up and down when I got home. She did her dog panting that she does when she is pleased about something too. Her Granny (my Mum) had been staying this week (she left this morning) and had some quality time with Ella while Hannah was doing some PHSE teaching. Sounds like both grand-daughter and grandmother had fun.


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