Watch out!

Ella is now almost fully mobile. She isn’t exactly speedy, but she can certainly crawl, though usually only when she specifically wants to get to something. She can make it round a room quite happily. Hannah reported that today she crawled across the dining room to a pile of stuff on a low table, pulled it over, got caught up in a mosquito net and was quite happy for 15 minutes playing in a tangle in the net.

The last couple of days she has been saying ‘dadadada’ and ‘babadada’ etc. It is far clearer as a real word sound than the ‘aaa’s etc she has previously emitted. It will be a long time before the sounds make any sense.

Her favourite game at the moment is peek-a-boo. This evening she was playing peek-a-boo from inside my discarded shirt, rather than a grown-up popping their head around a door. She was laughing her head off as she pulled the shirt off her head and I said peek-a-boo. Very cute.

Today was the latest weigh in, and she is now 19 lbs, and just above the 50th percentile.


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