Having wrestled with the passport service’s application process, Ella is now the proud holder of a UK passport. She has a cute little picture that has to do her until she is nearly 6. I estimate she’ll look quite different by then. Ella will first need to use this passport next month when we got to Spain with my family for a week. That is also the first time she flies, which will be an experience for us all, what with pushchairs, working out whether bottles of milk are allowed onboard, and a restless baby with no seat. Plus we’re going with ThomsonFly to Malaga, and I don’t imagine our fellow passengers will be the most sophisticated of people.

So never mind all that, the point of this blog update is that Ella is free to leave the country when she chooses, and she is practicing well for that with all her crawling.


One Response to “Identity”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Good to hear Ella will be able to join us with her passport. If it is the same photo as the one you gave me she is looking really cute.

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