Busy Week

I’ve been pondering this blog update for a couple of days because there is quite a lot to put in it and hopefully I’ll remember it all.

First of all and most tragic, was the passing of my Uncle Stewart at the beginning of the week. He was my mother’s brother-in-law, and so soon after Granny’s death, it’s a big shock for that side of the family. Obviously our thoughts are with my Auntie Jinny, and my cousins, Ivar and Dougald. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make the funeral, as it is north of Dundee, and getting back down to the Island on the day of the funeral would be very difficult and risky if any connections got missed.

Less sad is that Hannah and I have both been a bit ill, with a stomach bug that is doing the rounds. I was off work with it on Thursday, and it is lingering over the holiday weekend. It’s not too bad now, but I’d be better off without. We’re hopeful that Ella avoids catching it, as we don’t want to have to deal with a violently puking baby, but she has been in a rather flat mood today. For instance, when I brought her up to our bed this morning, rather than bouncing around and poking at stuff, she went off back to sleep. It could just be teething, though.

Not this week, but last week, Ella went to her first birthday party. This was for Poppy, the youngest daughter of Hannah’s friend, Maria. It was Poppy’s first birthday, and a small party. Apparently Ella had much fun playing the balloons, and Hannah took a picture of Ella trying to kiss one! Ella also got in a bit of a strop with one of the other party-goers because they both wanted to play with the same toy. Nevertheless, she enjoyed it very much, and was fast asleep when she was brought home. I had been stuck at home that day because it was the day of the bad storms in the south of England and the ferries were off.

Last Sunday was cousin Lucy’s Christening, and we took the jaunt up to London to go along. Aliya, her sister, is our god-daughter, so we thought it important to be there to explain to Aliya, as well as see Lucy being Christened and take part. Unfortunately Lucy was quite ill, so we didn’t get to see much of her, and we didn’t see much of Aliya either as she was busy playing with her friend for much of the day. We did get to spend good time with my brother and his wife, Douglas and Joanna, and my folks, Clare and Chris. Ella got to have good plays with them and with Aliya and Lucy’s toys. On the way home, I decided against my Mum’s advice on how to get home, and followed the sat-nav instead. This time I did succeed in following its instructions unlike last time we drove back from their house, but this time we got stuck in loads of traffic in central London and it took ages.

The return was further aggravated during our stop at the ever-exciting Fleet services for dinner. The stop was okay, until we went to change Ella’s nappy. She had pooed, but it had decided to all escape the nappy, and it was a total disaster zone. Hannah would say I ran away, but she did give me the job of rinsing out Ella’s clothes to remove the worst of the poo so they would wash out okay. It was very gross, and the rather unclean and badly stocked baby change unit at the service station didn’t help.

The night before the Christening was amusing as well. We decided to drive most of the way to London the night before, so had booked Ibis at Thurrock. The stay didn’t start well with the news that their system was down and we should knock on the door of the room we had been given in case someone was inside. We did and there was, which was embarrassing. The second room we were given was empty. I think we had failed to consider the difficulties of getting a baby to sleep in a room where the parents are also staying. It meant we couldn’t watch TV and really the light had to be out, and as the room was too hot and the air cooler didn’t work, we had to open the window, so it was a bit noisy. I ended up reading in the bathroom, while Hannah rocked Ella to sleep. Discussing this with Clare the next day, Hannah found out that my Mum and Chris had many similar experiences with Hamish, my youngest brother, when he was small.

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