Happy Easter to all readers. What have we been doing this weekend? Apart from keeping close to lavatories, we’ve been out a few times. On Friday we visited the Flamingo Park on the east of the Island to introduce Ella to many new animals. The place was a little sad, as anywhere that keeps animals in small enclosures is (even Marwell Zoo, in my opinion). Flamingos were maybe a bit advanced for Ella, but she did like the ducks and geese and the goats too. She also liked the fish (as she has a fish mobile above her changing table that always amuses her) and I have attached a photo of her showing her new standing skills looking into the fish pond in the cafe.

Yesterday I took Ella out for a largish walk in her pushchair around Cowes, and went to look at the big waves caused by yesterdays winds and high tide. I got a few good photos of spray, and only slightly wet. It was also rather bracing.

Today we went to the Lakeside restaurant in a village in the middle of the Island called Rookley, which is famous for nothing. We were there with Barbara and Hannah’s Uncle Cyril. It was a pleasant enough lunch, Ella slept for half of it, being of an odd mood, as mentioned in the previous post. Brian, Barbara’s partner, wasn’t with us because he has also caught what Hannah and I have had. We got hailed on as we left, but at the moment I have the curtains closed because it’s too sunny. Definite typical British late winter/early spring weather.


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