Health Visitors

In his blog, the guy I mentor at work (poor him), Ian, has commented on his health visitor. Ian and his wife had their first child at the beginning of March, and many congratulations to them.

So overall, Ian isn’t enamoured with his health visitor, or her purpose in his baby’s health progression. I’ve found ours to have been very approachable and friendly. They have always been responsive to questions, for example on Thursday I asked about shoes (not to be worn until baby has been walking for a month) and Hannah asked about good nurseries and childminders. I suppose we had the time when Ella’s wieght wasn’t increasing, and so our visits did involve quite a lot of discussion about avocado and full fat milk and considerations of how much weight Ella would need to put on to avoid being referred to the special baby unit, so we did get our tax money’s worth from our health visits.

Eleri has always been knowledgeable about Ella, we never turn up at the clinic and have Eleri looked puzzled while trying to work out who Ella and Hannah are (maybe if I turned up on my own she would be confused).

Overall I wouldn’t complain about ours, but one thing that is consistent about the NHS is how inconsistent it is.


One Response to “Health Visitors”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Now I assume you read the comments on here so I will do this rather than send an email.
    Sorry about the car, but I can see where Hannah is coming from with the final straw. I would have ditched ours. Look forward to updates on which one.
    And looking forward to seeing Ella at the weekend. I liked the video of her laughing. She’s such a happy tot.

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