Nine Month Checkup

Ella had her 9 month checkup on Thursday with the health visitor. This comprised a couple of tests for development and some measurements, and is the last of these until Ella is two (which seems ages away). It was carried out by Eleri, who has been our health visitor for all the time with Ella.

The tests were quite simple, as you would expect for a baby. The first was whether Ella was pick up a bead and watching to see whether she used a pincer grip with thumb and finger, and repeated for both hands. I think the object used was one of those small ceramic balls that are used in cooking to press down during baking. Ella dealt with this one fine, but really she was much more interested looking at Eleri than on the ball, so it took a wee bit of time. We mentioned that Ella was crawling, and Eleri said that at this stage she was just looking for the babies to be sitting okay. The other test Ella should have had was whether she passed things between hands, but Eleri let her off that one because Eleri has seen her doing this before.

Ella’s weight was 19lb 8 oz, which means she has stayed just above the 50th percentile, and that is where she was last time, so her increase in weight relative to expected growth may have levelled off, and this point is a good place to do so. Her head circumference was also on the 50th percentile, though her height was on the 25th percentile.

We did discuss the slight squint that Ella has, as Eleri also did a wee eye test to check the pupil reactions to light. Eleri reckoned that as both her eyes reacted the same way to the light she was okay, but just to check Eleri has referred us to the eye clinic at St Marys; a place we know all too well from Hannah’s trips there. Eleri reckoned it could be a pseudo-squint, caused by Ella’s wider than usual bridge. We’ll find out more when we got to the hospital sometime in the future.

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