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Top Teeth

April 24, 2008

Something I should have mentioned in recent entries is the arrival of Ella’s top two front teeth. They started poking through the gum while we were in Spain, and now aer maybe a third of the way out. I think the neighbouring teeth on either side of those are beginning to appear as well. She normally doesn’t seem too bothered, but can have some random nights, which could well be teething. She is very good at having her teeth brushed, but I think that is because she likes eating the toothpaste.

Hannah today said that Ella was a complete handful, and rated it as one of the worst, in terms of being tiring, since Ella was born. It is very, very noticeable that Ella is far more stubborn and wriggly since she became good at crawling.


Normal Life

April 20, 2008

I was back to work on Monday, and with plenty going on in the run up to the release of our product, and a big IBM customer show the week I was away, there was loads for me to catch up on and sort out. Hannah has got quite a lot of work in the form of preparing and giving PHSE assemblies at school, giving PHSE education sessions for the diploma to teachers and nurses and on Wednesday evening she did a lecture/presentation in Ventnor about her childhood with diabetes, which was, by all accounts, very emotional and well received.

Ella is scooting around the house of all fours, and is far more boisterous now she is more mobile. She is sleeping more, usually, and generally is fit for bed at 7pm, and 8pm bedtimes are a thing of the past. Her daytime sleeping is somewhat less regular, with occasional morning or afternoon naps not being taken, or on one day last week she slept for 5 hours in the day. Last night she was awake for an hour, initially screaming her head of in bed, which Calpol, her dummy nor Ashton and Parson’s powder wouldn’t abate. Eventually we brought her up to our bed, but she just wriggled around and slapped anything interesting. When put back in her bed she went straight back to sleep, no problem.

I finally put together a truck that Barbara bought Ella as a Christmas present yesterday. Once assembled we immediately put Ella behind it and she straightaway toddled across the living room from Hannah to me – so she has taken her first supported steps. Marvellous. Of course, they were not the most dainty but she loved it. We repeated the feat (pun) several times yesterday, but trying to show off to her Gan-gan this morning was not a success, as Ella was much more interested in something else on the floor.

Spain Retrospective

April 20, 2008

We’ve been back for a week, and it’s about time I blogged our trip. Unfortunately the weather was mostly poor. The poorest weather was actually during the drive from Southampton to Bournemouth (where we flew from), as it was snowing and lying on the A31 through the New Forest. It was a rather treacherous drive, and I had to draw on my Scottish knowledge of driving on snow. We did rather better than the two cars on the opposite carriageway that had spun off the road.

The flights were not so bad, considering they were Ella’s first. On the way out she was better than the way home. She slept for about half of both flights, but was far more restless on the way back. Also on the way back I had a rather messy nappy change in the cubicle that passes for a toilet on the plane, where Ella peed during the change, and there was no way I could successfully manage to tidy her up as baby wipes and nappies and clothes were going everywhere as she wriggled around.

The day we arrived was lovely and hot, and Ella and I went into the somewhat cold outdoor swimming pool almost as soon as we arrived. The next four days were wet or showery. During these we visited the biggest beach in the town, walked along the see from that beach into the town to visit the Balcon de Europa, as well as have some tasty lunches. Later in the week we triped to visit the Cueva de Nerja, but the 400 steps weren’t going to be very buggy-friendly, so we didn’t go in.

Obviously we spent lots of time with the rest of the family. Ella got to play with the others’ toys, and chase other babies and toddlers around, which was great for her to have so much time with children of her own age. She wasn’t too left out as the youngest, as she could motor around crawling. The marble floors of the villa did lead to a few tears due to banged heads, but didn’t slow her down.

The last couple of days were sunnier, and we did return to be beach during those and visit Fragilliana, a pretty hill village behind Nerga.

The evenings brought dodgy games, such as Yahtzee, Pictionary and Mr and Mrs, as devised by Hannah. All the children were fairly good at going down to sleep, so the evenings were free for the adults. I found it a bit weird having Ella in a different room without a monitor, so any crying in the night needed a quick bit of mental processing to work out if it was Ella or one of the other children. We only had one night when she woke up crying, and needed to take her into our room. Discussions the next day concluded that Ella was, in fact, the last to wake up the night, a chain of waking children started by a strong smelling nappy of Lucy’s waking her sister, who cried, waking Henry and finally Ella.

So it was good to have time away, and to stretch Ella’s travelling legs and generally a fun time with other members of the family.


April 13, 2008

We’re just back from 6 days in Spain with my family. My Mum (Clare), stepfather (Chris), brother (Douglas), his wife (Joanna), their kids (Aliya and Lucy), my cousin (Ivor), his wife (Liz) and their son (Henry) were all there. Quite a big get-together, the purpose of which was a final fairwell for Mum’s mum, who lived in the area where we stayed, near Nerja.

We stayed in a big villa, which had great views of Nerja, but was a little dated in decor and equipment. The weather was rather mixed, with only a day or two of fine weather. The three of us spent some time around the town and at its better beach, took a trip into the mountains behind the town to Frigilliana and spent time with our family. We had a hire car, so getting around wasn’t difficult, aided by the trusty satnav.

I’ll update more later, as Ella needs a bath, and we need to get out for Hannah’s Great-Uncle Cyril’s birthday lunch.

New Car

April 4, 2008

We’ve resolved our car problems by buying a new one, and a brand, spanking new one at that. This is evidence of my slip into capitalism, as I swore I would never buy a new car, only used. It’s probably laziness that leads to this.

Anyway, it will be a 1.6 Skoda Octavia Ambiente. A highly regarded car in the motoring press: reliable, roomy, big boot, cheap, very practical. It’ll be great for getting around the Island with room for the buggy and car seat. We’re trading in both the lovely Audi A4 (done me for 6 years and 70k miles) and Hannah’s Suzuki Swift (done Hannah for 6 years abnd 24k on the Island). The car salesman gave a generous trade-in on the Swift, not so good on the A4, and we couldn’t get him to budge on the price. I have read Skoda dealers are difficult to talk down because their cars are already very well priced compared to the competition. Skoda are also running a good 0% finance deal, so we don’t have to shell out loads of readies upfront.

The garage is trying to source us a car out of dealer stock, so have been ringing around other dealers to find whether they have a car we get get fairly quickly, and so we don’t know what colour. We do have a registration number, but I’m not going to post that on a public website.