New Car

We’ve resolved our car problems by buying a new one, and a brand, spanking new one at that. This is evidence of my slip into capitalism, as I swore I would never buy a new car, only used. It’s probably laziness that leads to this.

Anyway, it will be a 1.6 Skoda Octavia Ambiente. A highly regarded car in the motoring press: reliable, roomy, big boot, cheap, very practical. It’ll be great for getting around the Island with room for the buggy and car seat. We’re trading in both the lovely Audi A4 (done me for 6 years and 70k miles) and Hannah’s Suzuki Swift (done Hannah for 6 years abnd 24k on the Island). The car salesman gave a generous trade-in on the Swift, not so good on the A4, and we couldn’t get him to budge on the price. I have read Skoda dealers are difficult to talk down because their cars are already very well priced compared to the competition. Skoda are also running a good 0% finance deal, so we don’t have to shell out loads of readies upfront.

The garage is trying to source us a car out of dealer stock, so have been ringing around other dealers to find whether they have a car we get get fairly quickly, and so we don’t know what colour. We do have a registration number, but I’m not going to post that on a public website.


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