We’re just back from 6 days in Spain with my family. My Mum (Clare), stepfather (Chris), brother (Douglas), his wife (Joanna), their kids (Aliya and Lucy), my cousin (Ivor), his wife (Liz) and their son (Henry) were all there. Quite a big get-together, the purpose of which was a final fairwell for Mum’s mum, who lived in the area where we stayed, near Nerja.

We stayed in a big villa, which had great views of Nerja, but was a little dated in decor and equipment. The weather was rather mixed, with only a day or two of fine weather. The three of us spent some time around the town and at its better beach, took a trip into the mountains behind the town to Frigilliana and spent time with our family. We had a hire car, so getting around wasn’t difficult, aided by the trusty satnav.

I’ll update more later, as Ella needs a bath, and we need to get out for Hannah’s Great-Uncle Cyril’s birthday lunch.

One Response to “Hola!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    We are just back and are impressed by your efficiency!
    Look forward to seeing photos of the trip on your blog. I don’t think we took many.

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