Top Teeth

Something I should have mentioned in recent entries is the arrival of Ella’s top two front teeth. They started poking through the gum while we were in Spain, and now aer maybe a third of the way out. I think the neighbouring teeth on either side of those are beginning to appear as well. She normally doesn’t seem too bothered, but can have some random nights, which could well be teething. She is very good at having her teeth brushed, but I think that is because she likes eating the toothpaste.

Hannah today said that Ella was a complete handful, and rated it as one of the worst, in terms of being tiring, since Ella was born. It is very, very noticeable that Ella is far more stubborn and wriggly since she became good at crawling.


One Response to “Top Teeth”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Looking forward to seeing the teeth and the boisterous behaviour. I she anything like Hamish at that age?

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