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Not So Shiny New Car

May 25, 2008

As we were putting Ella in the car at her Gan-Gan’s, to my horror, I noticed a series of scrapes on the rear passenger side wheel arch of the new Octavia. Neither Hannah nor I have any recollection of bumping the car in any way, and so it must have been bashed while parked in our street over the past couple of days. It could have been one of the trucks which are passing up our very short street as we have a building site across the road, or some incompetent shopper parking their car. Nevertheless, having a car less than a month old pranged (even if only cosmetically), and no evidence or note is highly infuriating.


Away at Gan-Gan’s

May 25, 2008

Hannah and I had an exotic trip to Salisbury this weekend to share in the celebrations of my friends’ Dan and Alison’s wedding. More on that shortly. As we were away for a night, Ella went to stay with her Gan-Gan down south in Ventnor. So saying, her first trip on Saturday from our house was across to Portsmouth, so in fact she went north. There she, Gan-Gan and Auntie Rachel went shopping together. I’m not sure if Ella picked anything out, but apparently she did eat an omelette for her lunch, adding to her level of egg experience after having had a couple of boiled eggs earlier in the week. Back in Ventnor, today she had a long walk along the seafront, and I do mean Ella doing the walking, holding her Gan-Gan’s hand and her buggy with her other hand. This is much further than from one end of our house to the other.

On coming back home she was somewhat moody, sometimes quite chirpy and at other times grouchy, especially when we were eating our dinner. When we put her to bed she threw out the most awful racket, and it took several periods of letting her cry and then popping in to comfort her and settling her back down again. It could have been the excitement of being away or teething, but it was definitely the worst bedtime experience for a long time.

By having the weekend with her grandmother, Ella did miss out on the chance to meet several of my friends babies. We got to meet Darrah and Blake and Lucy, as well as seeing Dan Jeffrey and Cat’s little Dylan, who we’ve not seen since Aidy and Lana’s wedding in August. All these babies were very well behaved, with only a few ‘comments’ during the ceremony. It was a lovely day. The weather held out, and the view over the water meadows with the cathedral spire in the background was very pretty. Dan and Alison looked to have had a great time, and many beverages were quashed. The hotel was very comfy, and our room was one of the disabled ones, so had a roomy bathroom and plenty of space. The disco was complete cheese, mind you, and Dan’s rendition of ‘Sweet Caroline’ had a few words changed to make it more applicable to the day. Aidy has put some photos from his fancy camera on Facebook, and if you have access you can see them here.

Since Last Update

May 12, 2008

I have got to a point where lots and lots has been happening and no update will do justice to any part of what has been going on. Very poor blogging.

The weekend before last I was away at a stag do, for my friend Dan McGinnes. All was good fun. Obviously one can’t elaborate on the good behaviour of a stag weekend but it was decidedly less messy than I expected. We were in Sheffield, which turned out to be a not unpleasant place. The first night at the dog track may not have been classy but it was enjoyable, though I didn’t win anything. We spent Saturday afternoon either watching football or playing, which for me was something of a trial against a background of a throbbing headache. I have to confess to being something of the old Dad and bailing early on Saturday night (well half past midnight) to get back to the hotel for some decent kip to finally shift the headache and be awake for driving home on Sunday.

While I was away Hannah got a surprise in the form of Miriam coming down for a stay. This had been arranged with Barbara and Rachel with the meet being a bridesmaid dress shopping trip to Portsmouth. Miri stayed with us until the middle of the week, keeping Ella entertained, which was great.

Almost as soon as Miri was gone, my Mum, Clare, arrived. She has been helping around the house and looking after Ella while Hannah has a number of days working, which is very good.
Clare has taken Ella to the swing park for the first time, and apparently Ella enjoyed having a swing. This isn’t at all surprising as Ella is definitely turning into a bit of a thrill seaker. At the moment she loves to romp around on our leather sofas, boucing up and down and slapping the arms as she likes the noise that makes.

Another of Ella’s current habits is grabbing a fistful of the face of the person holding her and having a good pull. This is a little painful and can go on for quite a while if you are feeding her the bottle. I am sure she is exploring the different textures of faces or arms etc.

On Sunday it was ‘four grandparents in one day’. Granny (my Mum) was staying, as mentioned above; Gan-gan (Barbara) visited during the morning and we all went for coffee in the lovely weather (we did lock ourselves out the house but our new neighbours (the husband Hannah works with, and the wife comes to Hannah’s choir) helped Hannah and Barbara re-enter the house); in the afternoon Popa and Nana (Jack and Karen) came to visit with Josh. Ella had her sun shade tent up in the garden, which had been bought for Spain, but didn’t arrive on time, so this was it’s first use. It’s like one of these. That was a very tiring day for Ella, and she slept until quite late this morning as a result.

Nappy Changing Trends

May 1, 2008

Lately, Ella is wriggling less during nappy changes. This is good as it was becoming a real chore. We’ll see how they go in the future. She does always need something to play with during the change, and that is helping.

She and Hannah have had a couple of play-dates with a local mother that we met back at the NCT coffee evening we went to when Hannah was pregnant. I think they have been fairly typical style of babies playing together. Apparently at the first one, Ella kissed the little boy when the met. Aw.

Her walking continues. She can do the length of the house in one go with her trolley. She isn’t cruising yet, but looks longing at the other end of the sofa as she hangs onto it. She’s poking at things left, right and centre and beginning to take an interest in the concept of things being inside other things.

Shiny New Car

May 1, 2008

This morning we picked up our shiny, silver Skoda Octavia. It’s not the sportiest car money can buy, at least it’s not a diesel though. It is roomy and has a huge boot, both good characteristics for babies and their paraphernalia. The car is largely going to spend its life on the Island so there is no real need for a high speed cruiser. Skodas are well renown for their reliability, so I hope it will serve us well.

The couple of drives I have had show it to be easy to manoeuvre with good visibility. The 1.6 doesn’t pull like my Seat Leon’s 2 litre turbo, but I wouldn’t expect it to. It’s a quiet engine, you can hardly hear it at idle.

Talking of quiet engines, or rather those that aren’t, it was embarrassing driving Hannah’s Suzuki Swift into the garage as part of the part exchange, as the slowly growing hole in the exhaust had finally hit ear splitting volume. There are quite a few little things wrong with that car, and I am half expecting the garage to ring and complain.

More Eye Surgery

May 1, 2008

On Monday Hannah had a further set of laser surgery on her eyes. This time involved the most shots of laser of any of these operations, and is to try and seal up any likely sites for retinopathy before Hannah goes on a insulin pump. On Tuesday Hannah was pretty knocked out with pain killers and pain. She was more up and about yesterday, but still suffering. Today she is nearly back to normal, and said that the blurring that happens after the op was clearing up well.

As usual with these we need to wait until she sees the surgeon in 6 weeks before knowing whether the op was good or not.