Nappy Changing Trends

Lately, Ella is wriggling less during nappy changes. This is good as it was becoming a real chore. We’ll see how they go in the future. She does always need something to play with during the change, and that is helping.

She and Hannah have had a couple of play-dates with a local mother that we met back at the NCT coffee evening we went to when Hannah was pregnant. I think they have been fairly typical style of babies playing together. Apparently at the first one, Ella kissed the little boy when the met. Aw.

Her walking continues. She can do the length of the house in one go with her trolley. She isn’t cruising yet, but looks longing at the other end of the sofa as she hangs onto it. She’s poking at things left, right and centre and beginning to take an interest in the concept of things being inside other things.

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