Shiny New Car

This morning we picked up our shiny, silver Skoda Octavia. It’s not the sportiest car money can buy, at least it’s not a diesel though. It is roomy and has a huge boot, both good characteristics for babies and their paraphernalia. The car is largely going to spend its life on the Island so there is no real need for a high speed cruiser. Skodas are well renown for their reliability, so I hope it will serve us well.

The couple of drives I have had show it to be easy to manoeuvre with good visibility. The 1.6 doesn’t pull like my Seat Leon’s 2 litre turbo, but I wouldn’t expect it to. It’s a quiet engine, you can hardly hear it at idle.

Talking of quiet engines, or rather those that aren’t, it was embarrassing driving Hannah’s Suzuki Swift into the garage as part of the part exchange, as the slowly growing hole in the exhaust had finally hit ear splitting volume. There are quite a few little things wrong with that car, and I am half expecting the garage to ring and complain.


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