Since Last Update

I have got to a point where lots and lots has been happening and no update will do justice to any part of what has been going on. Very poor blogging.

The weekend before last I was away at a stag do, for my friend Dan McGinnes. All was good fun. Obviously one can’t elaborate on the good behaviour of a stag weekend but it was decidedly less messy than I expected. We were in Sheffield, which turned out to be a not unpleasant place. The first night at the dog track may not have been classy but it was enjoyable, though I didn’t win anything. We spent Saturday afternoon either watching football or playing, which for me was something of a trial against a background of a throbbing headache. I have to confess to being something of the old Dad and bailing early on Saturday night (well half past midnight) to get back to the hotel for some decent kip to finally shift the headache and be awake for driving home on Sunday.

While I was away Hannah got a surprise in the form of Miriam coming down for a stay. This had been arranged with Barbara and Rachel with the meet being a bridesmaid dress shopping trip to Portsmouth. Miri stayed with us until the middle of the week, keeping Ella entertained, which was great.

Almost as soon as Miri was gone, my Mum, Clare, arrived. She has been helping around the house and looking after Ella while Hannah has a number of days working, which is very good.
Clare has taken Ella to the swing park for the first time, and apparently Ella enjoyed having a swing. This isn’t at all surprising as Ella is definitely turning into a bit of a thrill seaker. At the moment she loves to romp around on our leather sofas, boucing up and down and slapping the arms as she likes the noise that makes.

Another of Ella’s current habits is grabbing a fistful of the face of the person holding her and having a good pull. This is a little painful and can go on for quite a while if you are feeding her the bottle. I am sure she is exploring the different textures of faces or arms etc.

On Sunday it was ‘four grandparents in one day’. Granny (my Mum) was staying, as mentioned above; Gan-gan (Barbara) visited during the morning and we all went for coffee in the lovely weather (we did lock ourselves out the house but our new neighbours (the husband Hannah works with, and the wife comes to Hannah’s choir) helped Hannah and Barbara re-enter the house); in the afternoon Popa and Nana (Jack and Karen) came to visit with Josh. Ella had her sun shade tent up in the garden, which had been bought for Spain, but didn’t arrive on time, so this was it’s first use. It’s like one of these. That was a very tiring day for Ella, and she slept until quite late this morning as a result.

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