Away at Gan-Gan’s

Hannah and I had an exotic trip to Salisbury this weekend to share in the celebrations of my friends’ Dan and Alison’s wedding. More on that shortly. As we were away for a night, Ella went to stay with her Gan-Gan down south in Ventnor. So saying, her first trip on Saturday from our house was across to Portsmouth, so in fact she went north. There she, Gan-Gan and Auntie Rachel went shopping together. I’m not sure if Ella picked anything out, but apparently she did eat an omelette for her lunch, adding to her level of egg experience after having had a couple of boiled eggs earlier in the week. Back in Ventnor, today she had a long walk along the seafront, and I do mean Ella doing the walking, holding her Gan-Gan’s hand and her buggy with her other hand. This is much further than from one end of our house to the other.

On coming back home she was somewhat moody, sometimes quite chirpy and at other times grouchy, especially when we were eating our dinner. When we put her to bed she threw out the most awful racket, and it took several periods of letting her cry and then popping in to comfort her and settling her back down again. It could have been the excitement of being away or teething, but it was definitely the worst bedtime experience for a long time.

By having the weekend with her grandmother, Ella did miss out on the chance to meet several of my friends babies. We got to meet Darrah and Blake and Lucy, as well as seeing Dan Jeffrey and Cat’s little Dylan, who we’ve not seen since Aidy and Lana’s wedding in August. All these babies were very well behaved, with only a few ‘comments’ during the ceremony. It was a lovely day. The weather held out, and the view over the water meadows with the cathedral spire in the background was very pretty. Dan and Alison looked to have had a great time, and many beverages were quashed. The hotel was very comfy, and our room was one of the disabled ones, so had a roomy bathroom and plenty of space. The disco was complete cheese, mind you, and Dan’s rendition of ‘Sweet Caroline’ had a few words changed to make it more applicable to the day. Aidy has put some photos from his fancy camera on Facebook, and if you have access you can see them here.


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