Ella at 11 months (and a bit)

In the past couple of weeks, Ella has clocked up 11 months of life, and we’ve passed the anniversary of Hannah being incarcerated in hospital. Tomorrow is near enough the anniversary of the start of Hannah’s maternity leave, so tragically she returns to school. Fortunately, she has not been given a heavy workload, and her 3 days part time is actually over three days, and not spread over more the week. Hannah isn’t relishing going back, and I know she’ll miss Ella a lot. If we could, I think Hannah would stay at home, but we moved house last year, and both need to draw a salary to pay the mortgage. With Barbara doing two days of Ella’s childcare, it makes Hannah’s return to work less costly, and it’s not as though Hannah’s income will only cover childcare costs. Ella will have one day a week at a childminders, Marilyn and Matthew. I think Ella will enjoy having time with other kids, so I’m not really worried about her taking to that experience.

She is now cruising, ie inching along the sofa, and walks really well with her trolley in such a way that she can control her speed and stop, rather than just falling forward all the time. She is very chatty, with ‘dop’ and ‘dup’ being favourite words. Hannah has a trick where she says ‘Where’s the doggy?’ and Ella will crawl over to her big cuddly dog. It’s very cute.

Ella may also be showing signs of musicality. She loves to play with her xylophones (she has two), and seems quite adept at dragging the stick thing (I forget the term) over the bars. She’ll bob up and down to most music she hears, especially if it has a strong rhythm.

I’m increasingly realising how special it is to have a daughter. Now that she is becoming more and more like a person, one sees how precious having brought a new human into the world is. Sometimes I even have small soppy moments just watching her play. Of course it helps that she is generally very easy going and happy and bubbly and isn’t grumpy or angry or stubborn in doing what you want. It’s thrilling to see her smile when I walk in a room, and when she enjoys playing with me. I am sure Hannah is the same, but I very much look forward to when she talks (although I think I’ll struggle to get a word in edgeways).


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