Hannah returned to school on Monday, and to regular employment. It’s not as though Hannah hasn’t been doing work during her maternity leave, she’s done quite a lot of work for the NHS, but now it’s more official and more regular. As before, she is still part time, three days a week, and for this term it is just three days in school, rather than the three days being spread over more than three days. I took Monday off work so that I could look after Ella and Hannah didn’t have to worry about her. We had a pleasant day together, nothing special, but nothing out of the ordinary for Ella, so she was perfectly settled. As I say, she’s used to her Mummy not necessarily being around every single day, which is a healthy thing in my book. Wednesday, though, was the first day with the childminder (Marilyn). We both took Ella there and dropped her off. I found it quite emotional, leaving Ella with a comparative stranger, as I suppose everyone does. Ella is very trusting and she was smiling away and quite happy. One just imagines her face turning sad shortly afterwards wondering where Mummy and Daddy have gone, and who is this strange person in this strange place. Apparently there was none of that, and she got to be the centre of attention for a while with Marilyn’s daughters wanting hugs with Ella. When Hannah picked her up in the afternoon, she was fast asleep and had enjoyed her day. For two of the three days Hannah is at work, Barbara is looking after Ella, and today was the first of those and of course, Ella is perfectly used to her Gangan and for her it is quite fun.


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