In Charge

Today I’ve been left in charge of Ella while Hannah is trained in her new enterprise. She is taking up being an agent for a company called MiniIQ. Sometime in the near future she’ll be organising parties to sell their books and toys, and hopefully making a few bob.

It’s been a very pleasant weekend, weather-wise, on the Island. Today Ella and I had an hour’s walk along the seafront and there were many people out and about. Ella loves these walks: she is always sat forward in her buggy looking about. Other children and dogs are her favourites. It’s been a fairly regular day for her today. I did have to give her a bath on non-bath night because she got rather carried away crushing her strawberries and blueberries at teatime and rubbing the juice in her hair. Such are the table manners of a pre-one year old.

Yesterday, Hannah and I took Ella to a local swing park. Ella has been taken by grandmothers in the past, but this was the first time either of us had been with her. She loved going in the swing, giggling her head off. The sea-saw didn’t work for her because she couldn’t perch on it, even with Hannah holding; the roundabout was definitely not liked; the slide wasn’t much of a hit either because she didn’t understand what to do with her feet. So after trying those, it was back on the swing, which was the clear favourite.

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