This might not be a good night for sleep. Ella has come down with the cold, as well as some hefty teething. She’s already been disturbed and been awake after going to sleep. She’s got a really heavy cough, sounding like she’s been smoking for 70 years, and mainly cigars at that. Her nose has been streaming all day, and because she’s teething she’s drooling as well. Her face just looks like a flood, poor thing. All of that has made her fairly grumpy in the past couple of days, and off her food, to some degree. I hope she feels better soon, because the occasional cough from her room is quite disheartening.

One Response to “Unwell”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Poor little Ella … it could well be that the very high pollen count is affecting her and none of the usual hayfever medications are working too well at the moment … but have you tried her on Piriton syrup? Maybe it will help? A 2.5 mil dose might well ease her discomfort. Perhaps you could give it a try? Love, Wicked Step Nana xxx

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