First Father’s Day

Today was my first Father’s Day as a father. If you read my entry from Father’s Day last year, you’ll see I have previous experience of presents on this day. Thankfully this year’s was better than last, without Hannah being in hospital, and she had the time to wrap the presents properly, rather than with newspaper. Ella bought me a new shirt, hat, wash bag, a handpainted mug that says ‘I love my Daddy’ and ‘Ella x’ on the back and a couple of bibs (not for me, but they both say something about Daddy on them). All very nice and a big card with a lovely message in it.

I can’t say my day was very relaxing. It did start nicely, as Ella slept in, so Hannah and I both got a nice lie-in. I then decided it was time to mow the lawn, in advance of the forthcoming birthday party, and after that we drove down to Ventnor, avoiding the Isle of Wight Festival site, for lunch with Barbara, Brian and Rachel, who’d popped over for the day. That was pleasant, and Ella had fun romping around the garden and in her playpen that Barbara has, as well as spending time with her Auntie. She also chomped on a whole apple. She didn’t finish it, but she was getting lumps out of it through the skin.

One Response to “First Father’s Day”

  1. Christine White Says:

    Thats’s a lovely photo of the two of you! Ella is getting so big these days!

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