Ella’s First Birthday

Ella was 1 today. It seems amazing that we’ve got to this milestone, although it’s obviously not a major feat in human existance as many millions of parents manage it every year. Thankfully, Ella is healthy and happy and we’ve both very proud parents. Today wasn’t very eventful, by most standards. Clare (my Mum and Granny) has been down with us for a few days for the birthday and forthcoming party, so there was some early morning choruses of Happy Birthday. After Ella’s morning nap we open her presents. She had quite a few through the post. After that we went to the Octapus’s Garden cafe in Cowes, which Ella quite likes. She had a very grown-up lunch of sausage, beans and mash. Later in the afternoon Barbara and Rachel came to visit, and so there were more presents to open and more love and attention for Ella. She did end the day rather tired, captured on video. This evening Hannah and I went out for dinner to celebrate Ella’s birthday and our year of parenthood. This day certainly means more to us than it does to Ella.

What did we get her for her first birthday? It was a problem to choose, because she has all she needs, partly due to very generous friends and family, and to Gan-gan’s charity shop. She did get her first properly sized shoes, that we bought in Clark’s in Newport a couple of weeks ago (3 and half G), and some clothes and a paddling pool with balls to make a ball pit for her party on Sunday.

All-in-all, it’s been a great year, and through fortune or good judgement, Ella is a fantastic, lovely little girl, and I hope she continues in the generally marvellous vein that she had done so far.

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