Big Party

I don’t know which is worse – not blogging or forgetting that you have actually blogged. I was feeling guilty and a poor father (and blogger) for not having written a post for Ella’s first birthday and just logged on to find one there. Which is good, because my memory of a week ago would produce a really poor account.

So with the birth day itself blogged, I should update on her party, which happened on Sunday. This was a big BBQ at our house. Hannah had insisted on buying a gazebo and on Saturday I constructed the swing set that Barbara had bought Ella for her birthday (it’s a very gaudy red and green, and Ella enjoys it). I’d also put together the new BBQ we’d bought. All-in-all, quite a lot of construction. All the food was ordered from Tesco, and had arrived on Saturday and filled the fridge and freezer to bursting. On Sunday morning there was Hannah and I, Clare and Chris, and Barbara and Rachel all round to help prepare the food and do other setup, like blowing balloons and hanging ‘Happy First Birthday’ banners.

Just about everything was ready for the arrival of guests, though Jack (Hannah’s Dad), Karen and Josh pipped everyone else by arriving at 12, rather than 1. I had a small altercation with Jack when he decided to remove a foot mat from a wooden step at our back door. I understand why he took it off, it was coming loose and someone could have got caught in it, but was surprised by the suddenness and seeming ferocity with which he tore it off. It’s quite amusing, in hindsight.

I think the party went well. I frazzled the meat, and the veggie stuff too, on the BBQs (we’ve got two). There was far too much of both food and drink, so while we didn’t throw much out, we were left with a fridge and freezer still bursting. Ella had a great time, I’m sure, though I didn’t see much of her, as she was playing with the other children and various relatives. She wasn’t happy when Hannah and Rachel tried to put her down for a nap, and probably the whole party could hear her screaming away in her bedroom. Eventually she did go to sleep, because she was very tired, and after her nap could come out for more showing off and play.

She received many lovely presents and cards. Thanks to everyone for the gifts, and we got a toy box from Rachel to try and fit them all in and keep our living room slightly tidy.


3 Responses to “Big Party”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Nothing about Granny and Granpa’s present. Does Ella like her pink inspirational music machine? All those little bits and pices for her to push, play with?
    I sent Hannah an email about my next visit by the way, in September.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Hello Kieron, Jack – as a father four times over – was somewhat surprised that you – with a wife whose eyesight isn’t 100% and a small baby – actually hadn’t noticed or taken action regarding the mat at your back door. It was an accident waiting to happen and his feeling is that you should actually be thanking him for doing something about it before your house was visited by so many people with young children – who as I’m sure you’re aware – are prone to trip over things that are proud to surfaces. Do apologise to Hannah for me for smoking OUTSIDE in the garden … with the smoke and carcinogens coming from the barbecue, I didn’t think anyone would actually object. So sorry if anyone did. It was a lovely day, though. We’ll see you when we see you. Karen

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Hello everyone, Ella is busy writing her thank you letters for her beautiful inspirational pink machine and her lovely outfit and money from her grandparents and all the other lovely things she was lucky enough to receive on her special day. Thank you Dad for getting rid of an accident waiting to happen- it was much appreciated and sorry if Kieron’s blog suggested otherwise. As for smoking outside, working in health promotion, I just have a bit of a thing about it and about young children watching adults smoking. We are looking forward to seeing you all soon and thank you Granny for the email regarding the flights for September. Ella is looking forward to spending time with her Granny and Grandpa in France, and sends lots of love to you all and cuddles to Joshy who was a fantastic help at her party (just in case Ella forgets to mention it in her card). Lots of love, Hannah xx

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