Medina High Community Choir Concert

The choir had a concert last Saturday, the night before the big party above. Rachel helped bolster the strength of the middle section of the choir, and my Mum and Stepdad (Clare and Chris) got to ‘enjoy’ the performance as well. This one was at the Baptist church in Ventnor to help buy aid food called Plumpy Nuts and acted as a warm up for our big concert next Thursday at the Medina Theatre. It maybe wasn’t the best timed in terms of the rush it caused for us the next morning. I think it went well, though it didn’t sound as good when we watched the recording Clare and Chris made on our camcorder afterwards. Strange how video makes things sound different to what they did in real life. I can’t tell, though, because being stood in a choir means you hear the part you are in much louder than the rest, so you get a very unbalanced sound.

If you happen to be in Newport on Thursday, around 7:30pm, do pop into the Theatre and buy a ticket and listen to our Gospel-ish concert.


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