First Time Companion

Hannah had more eye surgery today. For the first time, she allowed me to go with her, rather than Barbara. Rachel came over last night in order to babysit Ella today. Previously Ella had gone to the hospital and Barbara kept her entertained, but now Ella is more mobile it isn’t as fair on her to be couped up in a hospital ward for the best part of a day.

The day surgery unit at St Mary’s is fairly bog standard. We had to be there for 7:30am. Hannah started to be prepped around 8:30, and went into theatre around 9:15 (if I recall). She was in there or the recovery room for around an hour, and then in the ward asleep for three quarters of an hour before the nurse woke her up to find out how things were. I think this is all routine for Hannah these days, as this is about the eighth time she has had the laser surgery. Apparently the eye drops for dialating her pupils were more painful than previously, though. Mr Lochhead, the surgeon, decided to do treatment on both eyes, though the original plan had been to do just one. He must have felt that there was still some activity in the other eye. We did have quite a wait to leave, partly because Hannah did quite a bit of sleeping and then waiting for the nurse to do the discharge. We were back home at around 3. Since then Hannah has mostly slept, which is normal after these events.

In terms of results, we have to wait until Hannah is back for the check up with Mr Lochhead in around a month.


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