MHCC End of Year Concert and BBQ

The weekend and end of working week were busy for the Medina High Community Choir. On Thursday we had our final concert of the year (a year for a performing group seems to be an academic one). It was in the Medina Theatre, which is attached to Hannah’s school and is quite large, taking over 400 people. We didn’t fill it, but did have a reasonable audience; it must have been around 100. The programme was very similar to that of our previous concert in Ventnor (deliberately), with a repeat of the gospel-ish theme with different solo performances. I don’t believe there were any big mistakes. We had swapped one of Hannah’s sisters for another, with Miriam performing in this concert instead of Rachel. She took on a bit of gospel praise during Shackles, which gave singers around her a shock when she suddenly ad libed during reherseal.

Then on Sunday we held a BBQ for the choir at our house. We had some help on Saturday preparing the site from Mark, who was down with Miriam, who helped me put the gazebo back up. The menu for the BBQ was pretty much a re-run of what we did for Ella’s birthday party, or at least in a similar vein. Indeed, we were using quite a lot of stuff bought for Ella’s party. Our wine cellar grew considerably, as many people brought a bottle but not much was drunk.

I am sure the choir members enjoyed the food and chat, but I think for many of them the highlight was watching the video from the Ventnor concert taken by my Mum, Clare and stepfather, Chris. Their cinematography did leave a bit to be desired, as they admitted afterwards they had taken a while to work out how to start and stop the camera recording, but they caught the vast majority of the concert and it was all in focus etc etc. The choir certainly enjoyed watching themselves and spotting the good bits and bad bits. When singing in a choir you never get the complete picture of the piece because your own part dominates all the others, so it was their first opportunity to experience their own concert and performance. It was noted there wasn’t enough smiling. Some subversives suggested we should ditch the music and do future concerts from memory, which rather has me worried, because I can never remember what I am singing!


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