Other Happenings This Weekend

Miriam and Mark were visiting through last week. They had lots of good time with Ella, got to make plans and preparations for their upcoming wedding, Miriam performed in two concerts (one with the choir and one with the Isle of Wight Symphony Orchestra) and they helped plan the audacious surprise birthday party for Barbara.

This party had been in the planning for a few weeks, involving all three of Barbara’s daughters and Brian, Barbara’s partner. It was happening at Barbara’s house, so she needed to be away from the house on some pretext during Saturday. A fake plan was made that had a family dinner in Cowes on Saturday evening and Barbara in Cowes with us during the day helping prepare our BBQ for Sunday. Hannah threw in a birthday treat of a massage at a local spa as decoy (but real) surprise. Then Brian phoned in the evening to say he wasn’t well and wouldn’t make the dinner and could Barbara come home. I believe his pleading wasn’t quite sufficient and Hannah and Miriam had to persuade Barbara to head home. Myself, Hannah and Mark (Miriam was playing in the IOW Symphony concert on Saturday so missed most of the fun) dashed to Ventnor 20 minutes after Barbara had left. We were trying to get there before Barbara, but didn’t succeed and the party was in full flow when we arrived. Apparently the surprise had been complete for Barbara to discover a bevvy of friends hiding in her house and Brian and Rachel making party food. Hannah did a set of songs with her past partner in music, Ian Reid, playing the piano. All good fun.

An added complication for the weekend was that I broke my glasses on Friday evening, and the only prescription specs I had as backup were sunglasses. Fortunately the broken ones have now been fixed by the optician, but I did look something of a wally at work yesterday looking at my computer monitor with dark glasses.


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