Exercise is Bad for You

Often on a Monday night I play football in Romsey with folks from work. This Monday was one of those days, and I had a bit of an accident. While chasing after another player and the ball, I tripped over the other player and went flying. I don’t quite know what I did to my ankle, but I did know that I had scrapped my knee across the astroturf and let a good deal of it behind. Plenty of blood flowed. My ankle was quite sore as well, though I didn’t think I had twisted it too badly. I went in goal for a few minutes for the pain to subside and then had a go outfield. After a short while out there, I felt I wasn’t really applying myself properly and was favouring my bleeding knee and sore ankle, so returned to goal. I saw out the game there, and in checking on my foot in the changing room afterwards realised this was going to be very messy. It had ballooned up in the half hour since my fall, and even started to bruise already. Somehow I managed the walk from where I park my car to the ferry, and from the ferry to home. Once home Hannah was rather horrified at the sight of my injuries. I had warned her things weren’t good. I wasn’t expecting much because before playing I had rung home, and Hannah had warned I would have no sympathy if I came home moaning of pain. She did look after me, getting me dinner, ringing the hospital for advice, and dishing out the pain killers she had left over from her operation.

I worked from home the next couple of days. Which was frustrating because one of the members of my project was over from Boston to teach a class on our product to all of the team in Hursley. I missed out on most of that. The day after the fall, one time when Hannah had brought Ella into the study to say hello while I worked, Ella dropped/threw her milk bottle and it landed nicely on my still bleeding knee. That was a rather painful aftershock. Hannah found it quite amusing.

By now, my knee has scabbed over. Astroturf burns take ages to heal up, as anyone who has suffered them knows. My foot is still very swollen and most of it is purple, and the swelling goes halfway up my leg. Hannah remarked that it reminded her of her odema during pregnancy. I’m back to work now, and hopefully it won’t slow down all the work we have to do over the weekend getting the house ready to let for Cowes Week.


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