Over the weekend (which was quite hot and sunny) we were engaged in an activity akin to moving house. It’s called ‘getting your house ready for letting it during Cowes Week’. It’s a popular pastime around these parts, when many of the inhabitants of Cowes depart the town for a couple of weeks at the end of July. Unfortunately they miss out on some very good fireworks, but the payback in terms of rent is very good.

As a result lots and lots of our stuff is now towering over me in the study. We still have some chunky items to get in here, namely Ella’s cot, and so I’m a little worried it might not all squeeze in. We’ll find a way. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do: hoisting boxes and bags around with a very sore foot and ankle. I managed it without any serious mishap, though.

We also splashed a reasonable amount of cash over the weekend. Our existing digital camera (Sony DSC-W5) is packing in, with the buttons on it doing different tasks to those they are assigned, such as the zoom out button zooming in; and the zoom in doing nothing. We’ve had it for three years, and as phones are now appearing with 5 megapixel CCDs, it seems like a good excuse to get a new one. A quick bit of research and a directive from Hannah that she wanted something that still fitted in a pocket (ruling out digital SLRs), I chose a Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5, which got good reviews and has a 10x zoom, which will be handy. I also think it’s a bargain.

Our spending also continued to Halfords, where we bought a new car seat for Ella. She has become close to being too big for her first seat, so with the trip to France on the horizon, we decided to get a larger seat to make the journeys more comfy for her. The new seat is front facing, and it is quite tempting to watch her while driving, though dangerous. It is meant to last her until she’s around 4, so there is plenty of room for her. It’s an ISOFIX one, so we can swap it out of the Octavia and into my Leon or Barbara’s Micra quite easily. To amuse Ella while we were browsing, Hannah popped her on a bright pink tricyle, and Ella enjoyed being pushed around the shop at great speed.


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