The point at which a child walks is definitely a momentous one, and we have seen Ella achieve this milestone, which is very exciting indeed. I won’t say she is a champion walker and she isn’t at all steady on her feet, but she has tottered forward a few steps and done this a couple of times. The first was at the weekend, when experimenting with standing she suddenly decided to shoot forward towards one of her toys. As it was in the direction of the fireplace with its tiled and brick surround I was quite nervous as she did this, and thankfully the few seconds of perambulation ended safely when she bumped down on her bum. She is standing quite a lot now. As standing in itself is of limited use, she doesn’t really do it for great periods: she goes from on all fours, lifts up her knees from the ground and then pushes up with her hands so that she it tottering with slightly splayed legs and usually on tiptoes and then plonks back on the floor. At one point today she was doing a very good Elvis impersonation with waggling legs and pointed toes.

This post makes her sound like an unsafe walker, which is nothing of the sort. On holiday she literally walked miles pushing her buggy in front of her, or holding someone’s hand. On one occasion, Chris cycled the route Ella had just walked with the bike equivalent of a pedometer, and calculated she had done a 1.1 mile walk. She even pushed the buggy along tricky surfaces such as the beach. So she is quite ready to walk unaided, and once she can do it confidently we’re going to have a busy time chasing after her.

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