Little Girl

With Ella’s standing and walking skills improving all the time, she is definitely looking less like a baby. Yesterday, when out with Hannah, she walked the entire length of a family dining pub without any support. She’s much steadier when she stands up, with hardly any swaying around. She talks away a lot, and in times when she’s upset says ‘Mummy’ or ‘Dada’. One of her books is about the sounds animals make, and Hannah has got her hissing on the snake page and buzzing at the bee.

She isn’t totally well at the moment, though. She has a very runny nose, which could either be teething (with her molars coming through) or a reaction to her MMR she had last week (no more jabs until she’s at nursery). This has resulted in her being quite clingy occasionally and the odd tantrum has surfaced, which is very undignified. Apparently she was very upset the other day when Hannah took her away from a running bath and Ella thought she wasn’t going to be able to get in it (Hannah was just taking her out the bathroom to change a poo-ey nappy).


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