Now that Ella is more mobile she is more mucky. Today we went over to Northwood Park, which has a kid’s playpark, and in crawling or walking between the swings and other apparatus, Ella got black knees, hands and feet. She is, of course, also eating more stuff off the ground, though I think we catch most of that.

She really likes throwing things. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this previously, but for quite a while now (all summer) she has been throwing the little wooden animals of her wooden Noah’s ark out of the ark and around the room. Recently this behaviour has graduated to opening drawers and doing the same. Thankfully really only the drawers in her room, so it is limited to towels and her clothes, rather than plates and saucepans in the kitchen.

Both going up and coming down stairs have now been mastered. Coming down is obviously not as a grown-up does, rather on her hands and knees and is periously close to her just sliding down. Her walking skills are always improving, with turning achieved (not something you’d think you have to learn) and holding stuff while walking. Today she spent quite a while combining these two by walking round and round me, while I was sat on the floor, holding a ball. She also walks with her bottle and drinks from it.

She talks lots and I know it’s still a long time until much of it makes sense, but it is frustrating not being able to fully communicate with her. Yesterday, though, she did says ‘shoes’ a couple of times.

Tomorrow, Clare, my Mum, arrives for a few days. This gives Barbara, as well as us, some time off and lovely time for Granny to spend with Ella, and vice versa. Hopefully that’ll be fun for all.

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