A Week with the Family

Granny has been down visiting Ella (and us) through the week, and then over this weekend, Ella has been to see her (Great) Uncle David and Auntie Dianne, with their children Nicky, Simon and Isabel. Nicky and Simon are fully grown blokes, so not up for playing with Ella, but she did get a chance to flirt. Isabel is only 4 or 5, so she had a good play with Ella, and when visiting us at home today, went up to Ella’s room and played with Ella and her toys. She was certainly very big-sisterly.

Clare had plenty of time with Ella while she was staying, taking her on walks etc. This was the first time she’d seen Ella since Ella started walking properly, so that was quite a change compared to when she last saw Ella in France. No more Ella pushing the buggy around! I am sure Ella enjoyed her time with her Granny, even though her first reaction when Granny arrived last Sunday was very definitely indifference.

While she was here, we gave Clare the task of doing some gardening, and as a result I’ve got half a tree in the front garden to chop into smaller pieces and take to the dump, where it’ll be composted. And the car needs cleaning as it’s covered in bird droppings. And this study is still full of stuff from our tidying of the house for renting. All sorts, and I’m not really that motivated to do it.


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