Overdue Update

Hi. It’s been a few weeks since I posted anything. This isn’t for any particular reason other than laziness. Hannah and I are busy in our jobs, with Hannah taking on quite a lot of private tutoring of both French and singing at the moment. So far we have felt no ill effects of the global credit crisis (though I was coincidently moving a bank account out of Halifax into Llyods).

Ella is turning into a proper toddler. At times she strongly objects to things, such as being put back in her buggy when she doesn’t want to be (I suffered that on Cowes Parade when I didn’t want her to be free to walk past the Royal Yacht Squadron where there is no barrier to separate the path from the sea). Mostly she is still very good, though. One particular wild child incident occurred when Hannah had taken her to Monkey Mansion at nearby Gurnard Pines, and was there with Barbara. Kids have to take their shoes off to go into the play area, and Ella was playing around with some of the shoes. She kept giving Hannah cheeky looks. Slightly later, Hannah overheard a mother scolding her son for stealing his sister’s chocolate buttons, which it appeared had been hidden in some shoes. Hannah worked out that rather than playing with the shoes, Ella had been scoffing the chocolate buttons! She still has naps during the day, which is handy, such as now. Crawling is a thing of the past, she can even be taken for a walk into town, though needs guided away from the road or out of people’s gardens continually. She can climb both up and down stairs. The coming down stairs is more of just sliding down, though. There are still no clear words, but she can follow simple instructions occasionally. She does rabbit away all the time in her own language, and she does mimic sounds sometimes, like when I said ‘uh-oh’ the other day when I did something wrong.


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