Birthday Weekend

Last weekend was Hannah’s birthday, celebrating the start of a new decade. She had a big meal out with a load of girlie friends on Saturday, and on Sunday, the pair of us stayed the night in the honeymoon suite of the Ryde Castle Hotel, where we had our wedding reception. We had a meal out in Joe’s in Ryde, which was pleasant, although slightly spoilt by Hannah’s chicken supreme not having any sauce (apparently their take on supreme doesn’t) and the chicken itself was too dry to eat. As I say, despite that, we had a lovely evening and a slap up breakfast the next morning. The hotel, even though it has changed management since our wedding, hasn’t changed any. Also as part of her birthday weekend, I agreed to go on a shopping trip to Southampton on Saturday. Hannah loves to shop, but is very restrained when it comes to buying, which I suppose is good. We did cover a lot of distance wandering around West Quay, and Hannah did succeed in finding what she wanted, which was a black dress for her girlie meal out that night. She did look gorgeous in it.

The night away was part of my present to Hannah. I also bought her some earrings. Ella bought her a nice big, and very cool looking, set of frames for photos. I’ll have to print off the pictures Hannah chooses, and exercise my DIY skills to put it up somewhere.

All last week my Mum, Clare, was visiting and did the babysitting duties on the Sunday night while we were away. Both she and Ella had a great week together. They made frequent trips to visit Clare’s camper van, which she’d brought down in advance of visiting her other grand-daughters in London for a trip away with Aliya. I also got to see it, with Clare trying to sell its advantages. Compared to the trailer tent we used in Brittany over summer it is a little bigger, and designed to sleep a couple more people. Apparently it gives rubbish fuel economy (17 mpg). If we go to France with them again next summer, it may make an appearance, so we might see it in action then. Over the weekend, Grandpa came down to join Granny, and Ella also had a great time with him.


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