Christmas is Coming

This will be Ella’s first Christmas when she is at all cognisant of what is happening around her. Some of her family are rather encouraging her excitement in anticipation of the actual day. A local garden centre sets up a ‘Christmas World’, the usual combination of displays and selling opportunity. Ella has already been taken a couple of times, and with Hannah not teaching much today, and it being wet and miserable, the three of us made the trip there today. Certainly Ella was very excited by it all. She wandered around pointing at lots of Santas, touching sparkly things and stroking soft toys. She very much likely the display of polar bears, and the animatronic Santa reading a book leads her to want a cuddle while looking at it. Her biggest favourite was an inflated, rotating snowman, and she shreeked in delight everytime the front turned round to face her. Another particular fancy was playing the the smelly tealights, banging them together and even having a chew, so a close eye was needed in the candle section.

All-in-all, she very much enjoyed drinking it all in (and we did buy her a little, fibre optic tree), so-much-so, that as soon as she was in the car, she dropped off to sleep, exhausted.

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