It’s a busy old time at the moment. Two weekends ago Hannah was away, and I had Ella all weekend, with visits to the indoor soft play area at Monkey Mansion, and then Christmas World at Busy Bee the next day (she enjoyed both). On that Sunday, my Mum, Clare, came down for the week, looking after Ella and covering for the childminder being away on holiday. Then I was away this weekend, and certainly missed Ella and Hannah. I know Hannah very much missed Ella the weekend before, for what was the first time she’d been away from Ella for a couple of consecutive days.

Another thing I missed over this weekend was the Medina High Community Choir (Hannah’s) winning Best Choir at the Ventnor Music for Fun Festival. I was there and taking part on Thursday, when we won the best in class award (second year running), but missed out on the winners’ concert on Saturday when we won the above. Hannah has done very well with this choir, and from a very variable, and sometimes small, membership early on, it has grown and hopefully will become well respected. She does get good performances from a mixed ability group and everyone is improving all the time.

Hannah and I are both very busy with work at the moment. On 12th December the next release of the product I project manage is released, so it’s all go at work with all sorts of big pushes to the end and reviews with execs. Hannah has been doing credit crunch busting tutoring and singing teaching, as well as plenty of hours with the sex ed folks in the council.

Ella is tottering around the place as ever. She has a very red cheek at the moment, where she feel on some Duplo at the weekend. Hannah was worried she’d have a black eye, but that hasn’t happened. Last week she had a trip to the hospital as we continue to try and find out if she has a squint. This trip involved an eye test, which can’t be done in the usual way of reading off some letters, because (you’ll be surprised to know) Ella can’t read. Instead, we had to give her eye drops and the doc shone a light into her eye to measure the refraction. While it was a bit of a wrestle getting the drops into her eyes, Ella was very good once the stinging had stopped. She did cry while it stung, but once that had worn off she was straight back to normal. The result of the trip was that there is isn’t any conclusive sign of a squint.

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