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December 7, 2008

During the last week, both Hannah and I picked up colds and sniffles which have been quite heavy. As we’ve both got work peaks (Christmas is always bad for a teacher who sings and gets lots of Christmas gigs, and my next product release is on Friday so it’s manic just now), we’ve ploughed on through. Unfortunately Ella has picked this one up and is really, really loaded with all the symptoms of cold: her nose is streaming, she’s coughing, she sometimes has a bit of a temperature (though the house is quite hot) and she is really wheezy as it’s got into her chest. Nevertheless she’s remained quite chirpy throughout except when she’s get tired. She’s finding it difficult sleeping and is still awake at the moment despite having been put down at 7:30 (it’s 10:45). She’s had Karvol rubbed on her chest and a dose of baby paracetamol, but that’s not helped her sleep. She isn’t crying or fussing though, she just looks quite sad and tired when we go in and check on her. Obviously she’s inherited her mother’s fortitude in the face of illness, but it is quite heartbreaking.

On the bright side, her vocabulary is expanding and she will pick out ‘nanas’ for bananas, shoes, Mummy and Daddy, and point at dogs and use the same word each time. Bananas surprises me because she doesn’t eat them, unlike grapes or raisins or milk or oranges or many other things.