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Short Break

January 30, 2009

We’re going away this weekend, taking advantage of Hilton’s sale and staying in their out of London hotel in Cobham, Surrey. It has a pool, so we’ll do some swimming with Ella, which I don’t think she’s done since November. We’re also meeting up with my brother, Douglas and his family. Unfortunately that’ll be at Bluewater, so I’m sure I’ll get dragged round some shops. We’re going to take Ella to Chessington to the zoo and sealife centre there. I reckon Ella will really enjoy that, as she likes playing with his fish mobiles and anything watery.

Hopefully it’ll be a good break. We both need something different to do for a weekend, even though it’s not that long since Christmas.



January 30, 2009

Finally, about a week ago, my main Christmas present from Hannah arrived, after bouncing around ParcelForce’s network for a month. Hooray. It was choir night, so I had to leave it and go and sing, before unpacking it on our return. Installing it wasn’t a problem (if you’re sad enough you can experience the phenomenon that is unboxing from links here) and we were up and running fairly quickly. The first thing to do was create our Miis, one for me and one for Hannah. We had a dabble with Wii Sports that evening, and Hannah quite liked the boxing. Since then I’ve played on it quite a bit more, and it is fun using the Wiimote. I haven’t yet got the hang of the controls in Call of Duty, but that will come. Hannah has an unusual style for the boxing in Wii Sports: facing away from the TV so she can’t she what’s happening and just going for it with the punching!

Festive Season

January 17, 2009

It’s halfway through January and I didn’t blog at all over Christmas and New Year. I can’t say I have any New Year’s resolutions to blog more – I only ever have one resolution: to not make any resolutions. I should blog some more, though, because, as Hannah pointed out, Ella is changing all the time, and this is the best journal we have of that.

Since the last entry, my project released the latest version of our product, the Medina High Community Choir had it’s Christmas concert, Hannah’s sister, Miriam, has got married, we’ve had Christmas, gone to Glasgow for New Year and then returned to work, and Ella has switched child minders.

Miriam got married towards the end of December, and both Ella and Hannah were bridesmaids. Ella did a sterling job of going up the aisle, initially running towards me (I was filming with our video camera), and then dancing to the music being played. She was moderately, but not completely quite through the service and had great fun running around afterwards. She survived the photos but after that was getting somewhat knackered and cranky. Fortunately my Mum and stepdad were down to look after her over the wedding weekend, and took her away home. So Ella had fun with Granny and Grandpa, rather than in a noisy place full of adults not paying her much attention. The wedding was good, with Miri and Mark both looking great. The speeches were extra long as Mark’s best man is an actor and stuck a quiz in the middle of his speech. I filmed the whole thing, and spent nearly a week of evenings and a couple of weekends editting it all together.

Ella really developed over Christmas. On Christmas Day in the morning it was kind of strange opening her presents. We’d wrapped them a couple of days before, and were at our house, just the three of us, in the morning. So we were in the living room opening presents, and at one point I was sat there opening a present I’d wrapped myself, knowing what was inside and Ella wasn’t paying any attention! By the time we’d returned from Glasgow in the New Year, Ella knew what a wrapped up thing was and even opened up one of her remaining presents while Hannah and I weren’t looking! So she does know what presents are now.

For Christmas she got a couple of dollies, a dolly pram, a dolly pushchair, a tea set, a toy car garage, a pink bus and lots more. She loves playing with the dollies (‘baby’) and pushing them around in their pushchair. She likes climbing on her garage, which is fairly sturdy but she does look rather precarious perched on top of it.

She’s talking a lot more. Of course, lots of it is still babble, but her real vocab grows all the time. This week she’s added ‘key’, and I got her to repeat ‘gate’ back to me today, and at lunch she seemed to get the hang of ‘tatoe’ for potato. She has plenty of other words, such as ‘poo’, ‘Ba-Pa’ for Grandpa, ‘car’, ‘cheese’, ‘shoes’ and others. Some of them are somewhat bewildering in her choice of them to pronounce so early on in her development, such as car and ‘nana’ for banana. Why not milk, which she hears a lot, or book or toys? ‘Mummy’ has developed to not just refer to Hannah, but also ‘I want that’, while she points at something.

We were up in Glasgow at New Year and Ella got a chance to meet many relatives: my cousin Ivar, Liz and their son Henry; Chris’s parents, Nan and Charlie; Chris’s sister, Trish and Gordon, her husband; and Uncle Hamish and Auntie Christine, who haven’t seen her for quite a while. We were there for a little longer than usual, so I took the opportunity to meet up with an uni friend, Carrie. We’ve been playing Scrabble (I usually lose) on Facebook for some time, so it was good to finally meet up and introduce our families to each other and catch up on life. Clare and Chris had Ella for quite a lot of time while we were in Glasgow because Hannah and I stayed the nights at Miriam’s flat in the West End; partly for some relaxing time and because of Hannah’s allergy to Mum’s cat. Ella really enjoyed her time with Granny and Grandpa, and chasing the cat around the house. She frequently points to random men and says ‘Ba-pa’.

I shan’t go into the tale of my big Christmas present from Hannah. It’s been up and down the country and still not arrived. I can watch it on ParcelForce’s website, but I don’t get to play with it. It’s a Wii and the place selling it put the wrong address on so it didn’t get delivered for Christmas, and we didn’t get the tracking info in time to stop ParcelForce returning to sender. Hannah is quite enjoying one of my presents to her – a Dolce Gusto coffee machine. Yesterday she had about four coffees of various types from it, and after counting them up said ‘oh, maybe that’s why I’ve got a headache’!

New video

January 11, 2009

I’ve been totally remiss in updating this blog over the festive season, and I will get something new on here to describe what we’ve been up to. What I have done this morning is put together a small clip of video taken when Ella was learning to walk back in the summer. It can be found on Youtube here: