Finally, about a week ago, my main Christmas present from Hannah arrived, after bouncing around ParcelForce’s network for a month. Hooray. It was choir night, so I had to leave it and go and sing, before unpacking it on our return. Installing it wasn’t a problem (if you’re sad enough you can experience the phenomenon that is unboxing from links here) and we were up and running fairly quickly. The first thing to do was create our Miis, one for me and one for Hannah. We had a dabble with Wii Sports that evening, and Hannah quite liked the boxing. Since then I’ve played on it quite a bit more, and it is fun using the Wiimote. I haven’t yet got the hang of the controls in Call of Duty, but that will come. Hannah has an unusual style for the boxing in Wii Sports: facing away from the TV so she can’t she what’s happening and just going for it with the punching!

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