Trip to Sandown

If you live on a small island, and there are sandy beaches, then it is inevitable that you will go and visit a beach in winter. This is what we did today. We went to Sandown, which has a lovely, sandy beach in a large, fairly sheltered bay, which is now surrounded by everything that epitomises a British seaside resort. Everything.

The weather wasn’t too bad considering what has gone before recently. Fairly overcast but not freezing cold. We had a wee walk through the town before heading down to the beach just by the unattractive pier (complete with drunk chav family smoking outside it). Ella loved playing in the sand, fully clothed of course. She rolled in it; ran over it; dug it up; kicked piles of it; jumped on it, etc, etc. We’ve got quite a few photos of her enjoying the sand, and I’ll get them uploaded some time. It was not a pleasant sight when we decided the time had come to leave the beach and walk further along the front in search of a tea shop. We had screams and tears and quite a bit of kicking. Eventually (about 5 minutes later) she calmed down, distracted by some birds, and was sufficiently well behaved to be allowed some organic cheese puffs (aka crisps). We didn’t get to go to the tea shop, and Hannah’s suggestion of visiting the Dairyman’s Daughter in Shanklin was thwarted by the fact is was closed for a refurb.

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