Potty Progression

I don’t think I’ve made much mention of Ella’s toilet training. I call it training, but at the moment we aren’t seriously trying anything. She has learnt the word ‘poo’, which refers to both poo and wee. She’ll say ‘poo’ when she wants her nappy changed. She might say it when she needs the toilet, but she does rarely appear to go after saying it; nine times out of ten she’s already done the act. She has linked ‘poo’ with the potty because she’ll say ‘poo’ and then go and sit on the potty, quite likely without waiting for any clothes to be taken off.

So she has made quite a few connections by herself. She still has to learn to understand the sensations of needing the toilet and then telling us ‘poo’, or maybe by then ‘wee’ as well. She still has to learn that if she does need the toilet and she tells us, then she can be put on the potty and that’s a good place to do ‘poo’. Certainly advances in the use of the potty wouldn’t be a bad thing because she is getting quite big for her changing table, and she is going through a phase of wriggling about while having her nappy changed.

How many times did I write poo?


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