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March 24, 2009

I thought I should give a plug for the World Community Grid, powered by BOINC, partly because it is run by my paymasters (IBM) and partly because it is doing good work. I’ve been running it at work for a couple of years, and had a while running a related project at home (the global warming one sponsored by the BBC). They do provide me with a little widget with my stats and an icon, but the Yahoo Blog system doesn’t like the html tags it uses, so I can’t put it here (unfortunately).


Packing it All In

March 15, 2009

It’s been a whole month (nearly) since I updated here, which is most remiss of me. Of course, life continues on unabated.

Over the past three weeks or so, we’ve had many visitors: Miriam (twice), her Mark, Clare and Chris, Hamish and Christine (my brother and his wife) and I think Barbara and Brian have stayed over at least once. This has been plenty of quality time for Ella with her extended family. Certainly when Hamish and Christine were here we got out-and-about on the Island and visited various places, including the beaches at St Helens and Shanklin. They also took in some historical sights at Brading Roman Villa, which Ella quite liked too, especially the brass rubbings of coins.

There are lots of things that Ella is doing that I should blog. Yesterday when Hannah sneezed, Ella put her finger to her lips and said ‘shh’, which was highly amusing. Also yesterday, when the three of us were out in Cowes, and Hannah and Ella had gone into a shop, Ella asked ‘Where’s my Daddy?’, which we think is her first properly constructed sentence. She is doing a lot of dancing, and loves to listen to her nursery rhymes CD (which she calls ‘tick tock’ because the first song is Three Blind Mice). She had great fun last week going to Hannah’s friend Maria’s youngest daughter’s second birthday party. Hannah keeps saying that Ella has grown a foot in the past month, and certainly she has grown. She is much more like a little girl now. She has learnt ‘no’, which is ashame, so the reply to almost all questions is now ‘no’, much as it was ‘yes’ before. She isn’t, though, properly considering her answers in most cases.

Tonight Hannah is out, she hopes meeting Jude Law. She is at the Anthony Mingella Movie Marathon, which is showing Cold Mountain. Obviously he isn’t a patch on me.

We have both been busy, as ever with work. In case anyone worries, neither of us believe we’re at risk of losing our job, what with all the cut backs going on. Certainly IBM has been making some redundancies, but mostly in the US, I think. Hannah’s job is more at the mercy of the Isle of Wight Council’s varying strategies on education than any economic downturn.