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April 4, 2009

Ella is becoming far more responsive to new words. Quite often when she likes something and points and you tell her what it is she’ll repeat back a good approximation of what you just said. Last night, for example, it was noodles, which she liked, despite having rejected them before. She said ‘noodars’ in response to Hannah and I telling her what they were (originally she thought they were ‘chees’ from a distance). Another quick pick up was from pointing a the picture on one of my tshirts of the cartoon character Tin-Tin having breakfast, and she repeating Tin-Tin back as ‘t-t’. Another word and action that is amusing Hannah currently is ‘hunger’ with a rub of the tummy, which we think means hungry, but could mean ‘full up’, as Ella’s response to asking if she’s hungry after she’s just eaten is ‘hunger’.

Hannah is now off for the two week Easter holiday, and looking forward to spending more time with Ella. We have Miriam and Mark (Hannah’s sister and her husband) visiting next week, and possibly my Mum and Chris over Easter weekend, so it will be quite busy. I’m not taking extra time off, other than the bank holidays over the Easter weekend, though – have to save up for occasional days off.