State of Play

It’s been a month since I last put anything down on the blog, which is very bad of me. Hannah continues to remind me that Ella is changing all the time, and I ought to be recording what happens.

For me, Ella is at a very confusing stage: in many ways she is still a baby (she can’t really talk, she is still in nappies, she can’t walk too far); while in many other ways she is a proper girl (she wants to play, she clearly indicates her likes/dislikes, she delights in taking risks, she likes to get a laugh from an audience). It is weird seeing her as a girl one minute, and a baby the next. I try to treat her like a girl rather than a baby, but that clashes when I put her on the changing table to change her nappy.

Her latest craze is drawing. Give her some paper and a pen or pencil or crayon and she’ll doodle up some mess in a few seconds. She has fairly good control of a pencil, given her age, and can draw straight-ish lines or circles by choice. We’re not at all sure which hand she is going to use, as she switches from one to the other frequently.

Ella’s speech continues to develop well. She does have ‘yes’ and ‘no’, but often just says ‘yes’ to everything, eg ‘did you see some birds today?’ – ‘yes’ – ‘did you see Gangan today?’ – ‘yes’ – ‘did you see Santa today?’ – ‘yes’. Her favourite at the moment is ‘play’, said with a quick ‘pl’ and a long ‘ay’, especially when she’s just about to be put in her chair for breakfast or tea. Your not in any doubt as to what she wants to do. Not that she kicks up too much fuss when she doesn’t get to play.

She is beginning to recall past events. The common one at the moment is about a bee and her hair. When my Mum, Clare, was here a couple of weeks ago there was a bee in the house, and I don’t think it got in Ella’s hair, but might have buzzed round her head, and Clare let it out the window in the living room. The next day, Ella pointed to the window and said ‘bee’ and ‘hair’, and even yesterday when she saw a bee she said ‘hair’, and she is a little wary of any buzzing insect now.

Hannah and I are, of course, both very busy. I’m in the final run to the release of the current version of the product I do the project management for. It was announced publically last week, and a couple of people from the development team are living it up in Las Vegas this week at IBM’s Impact 2009 event. Hannah is dealing with the usual juggling act of regular teaching work, NHS stuff, choir and at the moment, being the chorus master for a production of Calamity Jane.


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One Response to “State of Play”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    About time for the update Kieron- thank you. I had a reasonably decent conversation on the phone with Ella this evening. she started with ‘hello’, finished with ‘bye bye’ and answered yes or no to my questions on her day- apparently the answers were all truthful as well! The best bit was when she called me ‘Rachel’- she was so sweet! It had better be ‘Auntie Rachel’ next time! xx

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