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June 7, 2009

This word is one often used by Ella, and, in line with many toddlers, actually means ‘I want that and someone else is using it’. A recent example, which she talks about almost as frequently as she does the bee in the hair incident, was over a pair of shoes. Last week, Ella had been at a birthday party, with pirate theme, which she enjoyed. Afterwards, back at our house, one of Hannah’s friends, was over, with her son, Tristan. Tristan had a pair of kiddies Crocs shoes on, and Ella took a liking to them. She pointed at them and said ‘share’. I’m not sure if Tristan then took them off, or if Ella just swiped them from his feet, but she got hold of them, and put them on and really quite liked them. When the time came for Tristan and his mum to leave, Ella had to be parted from the shoes, and said had a bit of a crying fit. This isn’t really sharing as we see it as adults. Now, Ella talks about ‘share’, ‘cry’, ‘shoes’, which is her retelling this tale.